Higher, faster, smarter? The future of Australian higher education.

As Australians rush to join the knowledge economy where technology driven skills and jobs dominate, more students are looking for specific, employable skills rather than multi-year degrees from distinguished institutions. Reflective of a wider consumer movement, the push for a more accessible, more personalised student experience is creating smaller disrupters and forcing larger institutions to … More Higher, faster, smarter? The future of Australian higher education.

Brand journalism boom

As the world’s appetite for digital media continues to climb at record rates, the role of traditional media and their employers becomes more uncertain. One need only look as far as Fairfax Media’s March announcement to cut 120 jobs from its Sydney and Melbourne newsrooms as hard evidence that journalism must adapt to a new … More Brand journalism boom

City Cycling – You can’t afford not to

This article was also published in Open Journal. While many Melburnians know that cycling is a sustainable, healthy alternative to driving a car in urban areas, cycling still only accounts for a small proportion of daily travel. Naturally, improved infrastructure for bike riders is crucial for lifting this number but so to is our mindset. Bike … More City Cycling – You can’t afford not to

The not so everyday heroes of journalism

As media organisations strip their staff and streamline their product to stay afloat, opportunities for alternative voices are emerging. But are these alternative voices, that don’t just talk back to media but now make it themselves, having any real influence? I would argue that though the way we consume news has changed, traditional news organisations … More The not so everyday heroes of journalism

The Creative Puzzle

I’ve always found creativity puzzling. Some people even call themselves a ‘creative.’ But I think all humans are creative. People are creative when they solve problems. They might solve your financial problems, your gardening problems or your dinner problems. We all think, therefore we all can create. But whether that creation is ‘creative’ or not, … More The Creative Puzzle


On a wet night in Collingwood people mingle in a garage. It feels like a small house party. Howqua, also known as Ben Campain, chats freely to people over a beer and thanks them for coming. After all, their helping him raise funds to get to Canadian Music Week – his first international gig overseas. … More Howqua